Modulátory Lemco HDMOD Q1 HDMI Modulator RF 4x4

Lemco HDMOD Q1 HDMI Modulator RF 4x4

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The HDMOD-Q1 is a high quality quad DVB-T "Home" modulator which accepts four HDMI inputs and converts them into four RF DVB-T channels on its output. The excellent picture (Full HD 1920*1080-30p) and modulation quality (MER~35dB) renders the HDMOD-Q1 the ideal solution for distributing SD/HD digital signals coming from e.g. a DVD player, STB or camera in a CATV network using the DVB-T technology.
The user has the ability to control the device by either using the onboard SSD (Seven Segment Display) interface and keypad for quick installation or by using the USB interface with the appropriate software accompanying the HDMOD-Q1 for advance programming.

Finally, the HDMOD-Q1's metal case provides excellent electromagnetic shielding as well as great temperature dissipation and rigidness.


  • 4 x DVB-T RF out
  • High quality and performance
  • Very clean RF spectrum
  • MER value ~ 35dB
  • RF output frequencies 174...862MHz
  • H.264 HD encoder bitrate 1-19Mbps
  • HDCP support
  • User friendly interface for quick installation
  • USB interface for advanced programming
  • External power supply

4x HDMI - 4x RF Modulátor vyrobený v EU , 5 rokov záruka pre zákazníkov Galiba.sk , Lemco distribútora pre Slovensko / Českú Republiku a Maďasko.

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