LNB konvertory Inverto LNBs Inverto red extended single

Inverto red extended single

značka: Inverto    EAN: IDLR-SINL42-EXTND-OPP

Cena za kus: 6,00 €
Cena bez DPH: 5,00 €
celková cena :
Cena vrátane 20% DPH
6,00 €
Dostupnosť : Skladom , Množstvo:

Inverto red extended  single LNB konvertor s jedným výstupom od Luxemburskej značky Inverto.

Specifically designed for the European DTH markets, this LNB provides optimized reception
capabilities and is designed to address the need to support multi-LNBs installations (on a
single dish antenna) allowing for two 40mm brackets to be placed on its prolonged neck.
It enables the reception of signal from one satellite and its distribution to a single tuner
Set-top box, is ready for High Definition transmissions and provides excellent Noise Figure
performance. Manufactured to the highest industry quality standards and designed to meet
strict specifications, this LNB is an ideal solution for the satellite broadcast reception across

Technické parametre :

  • Long neck for multi satellite reception installations
  • Low Phase Noise, DV
  • Low Noise Figure

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