IPTV Infomir MAG 424 w3 4K

Infomir MAG 424 w3 4K

Brand: Infomir

Price per unit: 118,80 €
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118,80 €

Made by Ukrainian Infomir factory is Infomir MAG 424w3 IPTV Stalker / Linux STB with unique open platform for your needs. Available also in W3 (300Mbit WIfi on board) version. HEVC Compatibility. 

Coming soon ...

The Premium solution for your IPTV/OTT project with a full set of functions. MAG424 w3 is a basic set-top box on a Broadcom chipset that supports HEVC compression. The device, therefore, runs quickly and with minimal network load. Through its HDMI 1.4b output, you can enjoy high-quality video.

Infomir have also completely changed the case and remote control design, making it more ergonomic and easier to use.

Chipset Hi3798MV200
Processor ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core CPU 1200 MHz
Perfomance 15 000 DMIPS
Flash memory 8Gb eMMC

Included in package :

Receiver Infomir MAG 424w3
Remote Controll Unit
Power Supply Unit
HDMI Cable offering full portfolio od Infomir products, don´t hesitate to contact us. Shipping worldwide !

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